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Real Estate

Whether it is about developing, acquiring, managing or selling a property: We assist you in optimizing the legal framework as well as in managing your contracts and transactions.

Our focus is not limited to regular residential or commercial properties. We also have extensive experience in infrastructure and turnkey projects as well as in various other special structures. Our extensive litigation experience allows us to identify pitfalls early in the project development phase and to develop counter-strategies that actually work. If conflicts are unavoidable, we litigate and arbitrate the disputes for you, idomestically as well as internationally. We have inter alia handled post-M&A litigation matters as well as construction litigation matters and related evidentiary proceedings in many cases, including for foreign investors. Please read the section about Claims Management, Litigation & Arbitration to learn more.

We structure and advise with the acquisition or sale of a property as well as with the transfer of real estate portfolios. Furthermore, we help to structure and implement the acquisition or project financing in parallel to the real estate transaction, including an equity, debt or a financing by way of mezzanine capital or a mix of different lines of financing.


Special adesse Expertise

Running a property profitably is a new challenge every day. From seemingly minor questions that quickly grow out of proportion to adjusting the global set-up of your real estate business: We provide you with one-stop solutions from a select few experienced experts instead of referring you from one specialist to another.