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adesse anwälte attends your ideas and projects across borders

adesse anwälte is a Berlin-based, independent, international business law firm.

Initially founded in 2005 by Dominik Eckhardt, our partnership formed by Mr. Eckhardt and Mr. Benno A. Packi helps businesses and institutions from all over the world with their investments and activities in Germany. 

Moving people, goods or services across borders towards new markets and ventures, often triggers complex legal challenges. We at adesse have what it takes to meet these challenges. We blend excellent legal skills with deep industry knowledge. And yet, we serve our clients with that special personal touch that you might just not expect from a law firm.

adesse is Latin for being there, being attentive, being affiliative, being supportive. Put in practice, this means that we think ahead, independently, and outside the box. In any transaction or dispute, it is crucial that the hidden or missing links between the different legal issues at stake or between the different jurisdictions involved are identified at an early stage. This is why we will always show you the big picture instead of just bits and pieces. And this is how we manage to cope even with complex, time-critical assignments in a speedy and efficient manner.

When working with us, you will soon discover that beyond legal excellence and entrepreneurial initiative, we place great value on developing a solid, personal relationship with each of our clients, no matter what industry or what part of the world they hail from.

We are just a phone call or e-mail away and are looking forward to hearing from you.